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The Tale of Rome

The Tale of Rome

The Tale of Rome is a narration of ancient Rome and its history from the founding of Rome in the year 753 BC, until the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD.

This podcast is published on a weekly basis, and episodes are around fifteen minutes in length.

Episode by episode, the podcast will travel in time, starting from a man called Aeneas who left Troy and settled in Italy. It will continue its trip to the birth of Romulus and Remus, and how they founded Rome. Later you will hear about the things the Kings of Rome did (and didn’t do) to stay in power, and how they ultimately lost that power, giving way to the Republic of Rome.

Then, we will sail through the lands of the Mediterranean Sea as Rome grows. Battle after battle, we will learn of treachery, murders, bribes, love triangles, and more, as we approach the time when the Republic is ripe to fall. The Empire of Rome will be at our doorsteps, with all the glory and vanity of good and bad emperors.

We will travel through the Golden Age of Rome, with the well known Five Good Emperors, and then we will watch Rome slide, slowly and inexorably, to its demise. By the time we have reached the fifth century, there will be no man and no god (true or false) who will save Rome.

Buckle up, it is a bumpy ride!

We will have special episodes every 13th chapter, named “State of the Union Episodes,” and we will have dedicated battle episodes that changed (or not) the course of history. We will have birthday and Christmas episodes, and we will have special, live episodes with questions from the floor.

This is a seven years project, with a layout of exactly 401 episodes, and hopefully, by the time we are all done, we will have made a few new friends.

Some friends among you, my listeners, and some friends among those despicable, but lovable Romans.

Cordially yours,
Abel A. Kay

Abel A Kay

The Tale of Rome

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