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Hello, this is Abel A. Kay, from and

I am planning to choose a second publisher to host my podcast episodes, besides my Blubrry + WordPress hosting, and I am seriously considering using Podomatic as a choice. But I have a problem:

After editing a podcast episode that has been uploaded 3 months ago to your site, I get a message that the episode will be updated in about one minute, and I will be able to hear it again.

This was two days ago.

What else should I say, other than that is not the customer support a podcaster deserves, even if on a BASIC account, for the time being?

I am positive that this is an exception, and that Episodes 1 and 2 of my podcast “El Cuento de Roma” will be fixed as soon as somebody is at his desk, come Monday.

Yes, I did get an email about a month ago that if I didn’t upgrade in the next 24 hours I would lose some free PRO-type privileges, but I didn’t expect that meant that my episodes would not be updated in a minute, like the message says on the screen.

Also, at THAT time I was not ready to go PRO… too few episodes, too undecided, too little “umph” from Podomatic’s side.

Please notice that I plan to follow up on this, and as a rather known publisher in both the Miami area, as well as in China and Latin America, I will make this email an OPEN LETTER, so that eventual future users or customers of Podomatic can see that your service quality is impeccable, as I am sure that this issue of mine will be resolved ASAP.

I have now two episodes “BEING PUBLISHED” just because I changed the picture of the episode.

For sure you will be able to prove that THIS is not the norm, and it is rather an exception for an episode update to take two days to be re-published.

Abel A. Kay

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