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1 – Once Upon a Time

Aeneas leaves Troy, stays in Carthage for a while, and later navigates to Italy. There, he joins the forces of King Latinus. Later on, Ascanius founds Albalonga.

2 – Immaculate Conception

Romulus and Remus are born, grow and help their grandfather Numitor to retake Albalonga’s throne. Afterwards, they found Rome.

3 – Roman M Seeking F

Romulus takes care of setting up an army and a Senate. Also, he makes sure of getting wives for his new Roman citizens.

4 – Throne of Thunders

The last years of Romulus, and his legendary departure. Also, some personal opinions and comparisons between the histories of the birth and growth of the US, Argentina, and Ancient Rome.

5 – Numa, the God Whisperer

Numa Pompilius is elected as the second King of Rome. He created the temple of Janus. Religion flourishes in the city, and peace reigns supreme.

6 – Tullus Hostilius’ Holy Cow

Tullus Hostilius, the third King of Rome abandons Numa’s peaceful attitude, and returns to war. Later on, the Romans destroy Albalonga.

7 – Ancus Marcius Founds Ostia

Ancus Marcius, the fourth King of Rome, tries to go back to Numa’s ways, but fails. He founds Ostia, the port of Rome, though. Lastly, we begin with the Tarquin dynasty.

8 – Tarquin the Elder

Son of a Greek refugee. Knowledgeable in mathematics and philosophy. City planner and power player. Warrior and diplomat. Yes, Tarquin the Elder was all that. Moreover, he even became the first Etruscan King of Rome.

9 – Killed by his own Daughter

In the end, no walls, no census, not even changes in Rome’s army could save the life of the sixth Roman King. He was killed by his own daughter Tullia for the most common of all reasons, and with the most uncommon of all partners in crime.

10 – The Tyrant and the Sibyl

The beginning of the end of the Etruscan Kings in The Tale of Rome. Also, a mysterious Sybil offers nine books to Tarquin the Proud, the last King of Rome. The world’s best known Republic is on our doorsteps.

11 – Rome 1 – 0 Athens

The stupidity of Sextus Tarquin. The siege of the city of Ardua. It’s the end of Tarquin’s reign, but not the end of his life, and of Rome’s headaches. We’ll also see how Rome beat Athens (barely), when it comes to a little, nifty word: democracy.

12 – The First Two Consuls

We’ll see who the two very first consuls of Rome were. They were elected for a year only. Both failed to rule for that first year of Rome’s republic.

13 – State of the Union – 509 BC

In a special, double-length episode, we make an eagle’s fly over all the nations that deal (or will deal) with Rome, and we take a look at the world in the year 509 BC.

14 – Life and Death of Junius Brutus

Junius Brutus, his interesting life and untimely death. Some solved mysteries, and some questions still unanswered. Rome mourned him for a whole year.

15 – King Lars Porsenna

During the first years of the republic, Rome was invaded, conquered and taken by King Lars Porsenna. But we’ll also hear the Roman version of that, and hopefully know what exactly happened.

16 – The Battle of Lake Regillus

Cloelia’s heroism. King Lars Porsenna’s farewell. A threat on the shores of Lake Regillus. A threat so big, that Rome installs a dictator for the first time, in order to survive its institutional infancy.

17 – The Conflict of the Orders

Seems like a whole new topic, but that’s nothing new to the Romans: internal struggles between their social classes appear every time, and as soon as there was no threat from the outside. But this time, they went overboard.

18 – The Twelve Tables

Finally, laws that can be seen, touched, and learnt by heart. And that’s exactly what illiterate people, as well as lawyers do all over Rome. They recite their brand-new laws, compiled in Twelve Tables by heart.

19 – The Battle of Mons Algidus

This time Romans don’t fight the Latins. Instead, they have to face the dangerous Aequi tribe.

20 – Lucius Quinctius Cinncinatus

The life of the man who, when elected Dictator of Rome, decided to give that power back to the Senate, after just 16 days. Because he finished the task he was given to do. And then, he went to plant lettuce in the outskirts of Rome.

21 – Saturnalia and Christmas

A brief overview of Saturnalia and Christmas. The rise of Saturnalia, and the things Romans did for that occasion. Finally, a brief list on how Saturnalia relates to our Christmas celebration.

22 – Decades of Death and Plagues

We go through the worst time of Rome. Thousands died. Even more wished they died, too.

23 – Don’t Cry for me, Veii

Rome finally sacks Veii, their arch-rival across the Tiber.

24 – Marcus Furius Camillus

A true hero of Rome. His life – with all its aspects. Some good, some bad, and some really ugly.

25 – Here Come the Gauls

The first part of the trilogy of Rome’s sack. Brennus reached the gates of Rome, and seeing them wide open, first decides to camp outside for a night, fearing a sneaky trap.

26 – State of the Union – 390 BC

The Gauls entered Rome. But where’s Lucius? Also, we list the lands that lay around Rome, and see how they’re doing. Finally, a sprint through the men who ruled Rome since the kings are gone. Consuls and Tribunes.

27 – Iron and Gold

The end of our trilogy of the sack of Rome. Brennus is history, and Rome is saved. We also get the best of news from Aeliana and Lucius.

28 – The Tarpeian Rock

The second start of Rome, after the ashes. Marcus Furius Camillus and Marcus Manlius Capitolinus are the two undisputed heroes of Rome, but one of them will end up a villain. We will also see a miracle at Aeliana’s home.

29 – The First Plebeian Consul

Finally, Plebeians have a Consul of their own. And just about in the right moment, because the Samnites are knocking on Rome’s doors. We also go through the death of Marcus Furius Camillus, and Lucius, from our little family saga.

30 – The Samnite Mountains

Rome will face the Samnites when these decide to attack the southern city of Capua. We also introduce Marcus Valerius Corvus, and Publius Decius Mus.

31 – The Grass Crown

Mount Gaurus. Saticula. Suessula. And the awesome story of Publius Decius Mus, who singlehandedly saved a bunch of soldiers from certain death.

32 – Marcus Valerius Corvus

He was a Consul of Rome at the age of 23. He would be Consul five more times, and Dictator twice. And he lived to be 100. This is our small tribute.

33 – Latins and Romans

Latins and Romans speak the same language, and worship the same gods. But after the first Samnite War, the Latins felt they were stronger than Rome. And they started to hatch plans, and gather allies.

34 – From Crete to Campania

Rome and the Latins ready up for war. Romans begins to change battle tactics, gradually abandoning the Phalanx system. And in Greece, Alexander is 16 years old, by now.

35 – Alexander of Epirus

Alexander I of Epirus crosses the sea and comes to Italy, to help Greek cities there. He later dies in a battle against the very people people he came to rescue.

36 – Death by the Volcano

Latins against Romans, on the slopes of Italy’s most famous volcano. And in this battle, we see the death of Publius Decius Mus — the same guy who earned the renowned Grass Crown, years earlier.

37 – The Caudine Forks

Everything was going fine for the Romans, until they walked into a canyon, and got trapped. The most humiliating defeat for 50,000 Roman soldiers, at the Caudine Forks.

38 – The First Gladiators

Part two of the Roman defeat, at the Caudine Forks. Also, a tribute to those very first gladiators of Rome.

39 – State of the Union – 320 BC

A view of the world, three years after the death of Alexander the Great, and right after Rome’s most humiliating defeat, up to this point.

40 – Livy and Virgil

A biography episode in The Tale of Rome. We compare and contrast two giants of their time. Livy and Virgil.

41 – The End of the Great War

The end of the Second Samnite War, from the fall of Apulia, to the inspection of Samnia, by Consul Publius Sempronius.

42 – The Appian Way

The Roman road that would make Rome the undisputed powerhouse of Italy. And the life of Appius Claudius, the maker of that road.

43 – The Appian Way – Part Two
44 – Plutarch and Dionysius of Halicarnassus
45 – Fabius Rullianus and Papirius Cursor
46 – The Third Samnite War
47 – The Battle of Sentinum
48 – 300k
49 – Manius Curius Dentatus