14 seconds – The Tale of Rome

14 seconds – The Tale of Rome

20 Days to Launch


That’s right. Twenty days to the official launch of The Tale of Rome.

And so, before the end of August, you’ll have the following episodes available online, to go with your commute, break-time, or group discussing material.

Throne of Thunders

(August 20)

Numa, the God Whisperer

(August 20)

Tullus Hostilius’ Holy Cow

(August 20)

Ancus Marcius Founds Ostia

(August 22)

Tarquin the Elder

(August 27)


I will try to set up a LIVE event on YouTube on August 22nd, 11 PM (Beijing time), which would be 11 AM on the East Coast, and 5 PM in Europe.

Since I have ZERO experience in setting these LIVE events on YouTube, I can tell you that anything can happen, but I hope to have an hour-long chat on YouTube with whoever goes here on that day, at that time:



The World According to Rome

The World According to Rome
The World According to Rome
El mundo según los romanos



Here you will find stuff that doesn’t fit in the Maps, Images, and Blog categories.

First such “goodie” is already here. A carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation, made by me. You can have it for free, but you need to sign up to my BLOG VIA EMAIL.