A podcasters’ workday

A podcasters’ workday

Here is a screenshot of what a normal morning looks like when I am dedicating my time to podcasting. Imagine coffee on the side, plenty of post-it notes, and a paper notebook.
Little Arwen has just been taken to kindergarten, so it’s quite silent…

Today, it’s time to clean three audios for The Tale of Rome, and one audio for El Cuento de Roma.

  1. Noise Removal:Get Noise Profile, then Remove Noise
  2. Compression:  Threshold -15 to -20
  3. Equalize: Bass Boost and Treble Boost
  4. Normalize:  -1 Decibel
  5. Hard Limit:  -4 Decibel
  6. Normalize again: -1 Decibel


Rome in Ancient Times

A Video of Rome in Ancient Times.

By Franco Novecento Buttiglieri.

I bumped into this video on one of my Facebook groups (about Rome, of course), and look what I found! AMAZING!

Needless to say, its sound, lights, and the whole mood are just perfect!

Thank you, Franco for allowing me to share this here!


The Seven Hills of Rome

The Seven Hills of Rome. Picture made by me. Original at my podcast about Ancient Rome. Used Adobe Fireworks and IrfanView for this one, plus my own textures for grass, arid areas, grassy hills, and rocks.

The Tale of Rome Cover

Done. Happy.