Episode 22 coming to El Cuento de Roma in 24 hours

Tito Livio y Virgilio

Episode 22 of the Spanish podcast El Cuento de Roma,
Tito Livio y Virgilio” is coming in 24 hours!

Here is our future English version counterpart.

In both The Tale of Rome, and El Cuento de Roma, every 22nd episode will be a BIOGRAPHY episode.

And this time I chose Livy and Virgil


My mom fell into a coma

Dear friends!

I have sad news. Two days ago my mother, who is living in Croatia, fell into a coma, due to a stroke to her brain.

She is 78 years old, and I have received news from the hospital that the outcome is uncertain.

I am flying from China to Croatia (via Frankfurt) tomorrow, Sunday. My brother is on his way there as I write this, from Germany.

The launch of this podcast will be postponed for a few weeks, until I settle everything. And right now I don’t even know what do I have to settle, because only God knows how long this whole situation will last.

I do pray for a miracle, but I wonder if such miracles do happen in our times.

Since I did have a few episodes already recorded for the Spanish podcast (El Cuento de Roma), those will go on air tomorrow and next week.

The launch of this podcast is postponed to September the 30th, International Podcasting Day.

You are welcome to visit my Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/west4east if you feel like giving me (and my brother) words of support in this tough moment, but regardless, I will be keeping you all posted about my mother’s situation.

She lived three years in the US (with me), one year in China (also with me), 16 years in Argentina, some 25 years in Germany, and the rest… well, in Croatia.

Since my dad died, which was in 1990, she only ate bread and water. That’s 27 years now. The reason was that on the day my dad passed away (we lived on a farm in Argentina), he only ate some bread and had some water. He asked her to prepare some meal, and she told him she’d do it as soon as she’d be back from a short errand to the local market. When she returned, my dad was dead. She never stopped blaming herself.

I pray to GOD that they reunite in whatever better place there is up there (or out there), and that they don’t go through the pain we mortals do.

God bless you all!



Four hours after I wrote this, my cousin passed me the news from overnight. My mom had passed into eternal life, while sleeping.


20 Days to Launch


That’s right. Twenty days to the official launch of The Tale of Rome.

And so, before the end of August, you’ll have the following episodes available online, to go with your commute, break-time, or group discussing material.

Throne of Thunders

(August 20)

Numa, the God Whisperer

(August 20)

Tullus Hostilius’ Holy Cow

(August 20)

Ancus Marcius Founds Ostia

(August 22)

Tarquin the Elder

(August 27)


I will try to set up a LIVE event on YouTube on August 22nd, 11 PM (Beijing time), which would be 11 AM on the East Coast, and 5 PM in Europe.

Since I have ZERO experience in setting these LIVE events on YouTube, I can tell you that anything can happen, but I hope to have an hour-long chat on YouTube with whoever goes here on that day, at that time:



We are on iTunes

Yay! This time it took me only 24 hours to get approved by Apple Podcasts.

Link provided by Apple:


Please subscribe if you have iTunes.

Sneak Peek for The Tale of Rome

The Tale of RomeTime for a Sneak Peek

I am less than 30 days away from launching the English version of this podcast. Its Spanish language counterpart – “El Cuento de Roma” is thriving in Spain, USA, Mexico, Argentina and all over Latin America.

So, it’s time to let you guys hear the first three episodes of this novel-slash-podcast in English.

And the time is now!

I will be releasing the first three episodes of the The Tale of Rome this very week.

Not as an official launch, just as a sneaky-sneaky-peek.

The Tale of Rome

Here are the Covers of these Three Episodes

Once Upon a Time

Immaculate Conception

Roman M Seeking F


So, this week I will give you a shout over Social Media, to let you know that these three episodes are ready to have a listen to.

Thank you, all!

Abel A. Kay


Episode 18 coming to El Cuento de Roma in 48 hours

The Twelve Tables

Episode 18 of the Spanish podcast El Cuento de Roma,
The Twelve Tables” is coming in 48 hours!

Here is our future English version counterpart.

It’s finally time to make the laws of Rome available for everyone to know. And even though most Roman didn’t read, they knew those tables:

Punishment for killing an intruder during nighttime? None.

Daytime? You had to bring him to a magistrate. Alive.

If you threw an unaimed weapon into a crowd, the punishment was a ram.

If an apple from your tree fell onto your neighbor’s ground, the apple was his.

Shaving on a daily basis for men was not mandatory, but you couldn’t face a magistrate for a case of yours without shaving properly. This law was demolished 600 years later. Thank you, Emperor Adrian!

Episode 17 added to El Cuento de Roma

Here is the cover of Episode 17 of my Spanish language podcast,
El Cuento de Roma: El Conflicto Patricio-plebeyo.


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Length: 19 min 10 sec
Language: Spanish
File size: 8.78 MB

And this will be the equivalent cover of the English version:



Episode 17 coming to El Cuento de Roma in 48 hours

The Conflict of the Orders

Episode 17 of the Spanish podcast El Cuento de Roma,
El Conflicto Patricio-plebeyo” is coming in 48 hours!

Here is our future English version counterpart.

In this chapter, we got it all.

Internal struggles between social classes.
Murder and treason.
Superstitions and magic potions.
A famous coward, and a silent girl who did what nobody believed she’d dare to do.

A podcasters’ workday

A podcasters’ workday

Here is a screenshot of what a normal morning looks like when I am dedicating my time to podcasting. Imagine coffee on the side, plenty of post-it notes, and a paper notebook.
Little Arwen has just been taken to kindergarten, so it’s quite silent…

Today, it’s time to clean three audios for The Tale of Rome, and one audio for El Cuento de Roma.

  1. Noise Removal:Get Noise Profile, then Remove Noise
  2. Compression:  Threshold -15 to -20
  3. Equalize: Bass Boost and Treble Boost
  4. Normalize:  -1 Decibel
  5. Hard Limit:  -4 Decibel
  6. Normalize again: -1 Decibel


Rome in Ancient Times

A Video of Rome in Ancient Times.

By Franco Novecento Buttiglieri.

I bumped into this video on one of my Facebook groups (about Rome, of course), and look what I found! AMAZING!

Needless to say, its sound, lights, and the whole mood are just perfect!

Thank you, Franco for allowing me to share this here!


Episode 16 added to El Cuento de Roma

Here is the cover of Episode 16 of my Spanish language podcast,
El Cuento de Roma: La batalla del Lago Regilo.

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Length: 19 min 57 sec
Language: Spanish
File size: 9.14 MB

And this will be the equivalent cover of the English version:


Open Letter to Podomatic Podcasts


Hello, this is Abel A. Kay, from abelakay.com and thetaleofrome.com.

I am planning to choose a second publisher to host my podcast episodes, besides my Blubrry + WordPress hosting, and I am seriously considering using Podomatic as a choice. But I have a problem:

After editing a podcast episode that has been uploaded 3 months ago to your site, I get a message that the episode will be updated in about one minute, and I will be able to hear it again.

This was two days ago.

What else should I say, other than that is not the customer support a podcaster deserves, even if on a BASIC account, for the time being?

I am positive that this is an exception, and that Episodes 1 and 2 of my podcast “El Cuento de Roma” will be fixed as soon as somebody is at his desk, come Monday.

Yes, I did get an email about a month ago that if I didn’t upgrade in the next 24 hours I would lose some free PRO-type privileges, but I didn’t expect that meant that my episodes would not be updated in a minute, like the message says on the screen.

Also, at THAT time I was not ready to go PRO… too few episodes, too undecided, too little “umph” from Podomatic’s side.

Please notice that I plan to follow up on this, and as a rather known publisher in both the Miami area, as well as in China and Latin America, I will make this email an OPEN LETTER, so that eventual future users or customers of Podomatic can see that your service quality is impeccable, as I am sure that this issue of mine will be resolved ASAP.

I have now two episodes “BEING PUBLISHED” just because I changed the picture of the episode.

For sure you will be able to prove that THIS is not the norm, and it is rather an exception for an episode update to take two days to be re-published.

Abel A. Kay

YouTube Episode 14 Coming Up

News at El Cuento de Roma

My Spanish podcast YouTube channel is getting episode 14 uploaded.

Life and Death of Junius Brutus

As usually, YouTube videos are uploaded 1 to 2 episodes behind the podcast schedule, for obvious reasons.


The tumultuous 6th century BC

The sixth century BC was a very agitated time in almost every part of the world. Here are maps of the years 600 BC, 550 BC, 527 BC, and 500 BC.





The Tale of RomeThe three main events, in my opinion, are:
  • Persians begin to seize power, and dominate eastern Mediterranean.
  • Carthage’s merchant empire slowly dominates the western Mediterranean.
  • The Roman republic begins.
The Tale of Rome
Here are some rulers of that century:

Amyntas I, King of Macedonia
Astyages, King of Medes
Bias of Priene, Greek sage
Callimachus, Athenian general
Cambyses II, King of Persia
Chilon of Sparta, Greek sage
Cleisthenes, Tyrant of Athens
Cleomenes I, King of Sparta
Croesus, King of Lydia
Cyaxares, King of Medes
Cyrus the Great, King of Persia
Darius I, King of Persia
Epimenides, Greek seer
Gorgo, Queen of Sparta
King Helü of Wu, King of Wu
Lucius Junius Brutus, co-founder of the Roman Republic
Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, King of Rome
Miltiades, Athenian general and politician
Nabonidus, the last King of Babylon
Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon
Necho II, Pharaoh of Egypt
Pisistratus, tyrant of Athens
Periander, Tyrant of Corinth
Pittacus of Mytilene, Greek politician
Psammetichus III, Pharaoh of Egypt
Servius Tullius, King of Rome
Solon, Athenian statesman

Episode 15 added to El Cuento de Roma

Here is the cover of Episode 15 of my Spanish language podcast,
El Cuento de Roma: El Rey Porsena.

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Length: 20 min 15 sec
Language: Spanish
File size: 9.29 MB

And this will be the equivalent cover of the English version:


The Fasces

The World before Rome around 1200 BC

Before that, agriculture came to Europe… here is how.

The World According to Rome

The World According to Rome
The World According to Rome
El mundo según los romanos


The World of Rome around 500 BC

Check out the SUPERPOWER of the time: Persia.

This map is self-made, using Adobe Fireworks. If you want to have the original PNG file of this image (2621 x 1414 pixels, with all the layers, styles and fonts), just leave a nice comment here. I’ll send you the file in less than a day.