The Tale of Rome is a podcast that follows the lives of a Roman family, for some 1000 years. Generation after generation. And as we go through the Roman monarchy, the republic, and the empire, we’ll see how the destinies of the members of this family change.

Some will be rich.
Others will be poor.
Some will be powerful.
Others will fall into slavery.
Some will become Christians.
Others will persecute them.

At the same time, we’ll get to know kings and tyrants, consuls and military tribunes, emperors and usurpers, gladiators and philosophers, explorers and martyrs, priests and assassins, vestal virgins and prostitutes.

And while this book is coming to light,
the lives of the members of our Family Saga are shown in my upcoming novels.

I am dedicating this podcast (and the upcoming book) to my two elves, Fiona and Arwen. Fiona is working on the Chinese version of this same podcast, and our daughter is reading the INTROS and the OUTROS of that same podcast.

I also want to thank my mom (may she rest in peace), my brother Danny – in good old Europe, and my first son (now a programmer in his own right), way down in Argentina.

And many, many thanks to my friends all over Argentina, Germany, the US, Croatia, and all over China.

Abel A. Kay

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  1. Hi there!
    I would like to congratulate you for your work. It’s really nice! I have a 10 yrs old son who is in love with history so the materials that you provide are just perfect. We live in Romania, homeschooling the kid and sometimes post some materials as well. You can check them out at http://www.lectiicuobiecte.com, although it’s Romanian (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUEXeYtrNZFs4Hmv1_oVdaA).
    We would like to be updated on any English material that you are posting and if you can send us anything that can help in studying history, we will appreciate it.
    Thank you and God bless!

  2. Hi Abel, I am a co-host on History by Hollywood (website is that name with .com after it) and a former co-host on MotoPod, a series covering MotoGP, World Superbikes and other bike racing. As such, I understand the challenge of finding a new area or niche of podcasting, hence launching our take on examining Hollywood movies that claim to be based on true events (it turns out there are others doing the same).
    So I was very intrigued to hear about your podcast on Twitter; not only the challenge of linguistics but treading a path already lined with Mike Duncan’s adoring listenership (amongst which I count myself). So it is in this light that I have to say how much I am enjoying your series – I am up Episode 14 – The Life and Death of Junius Brutus in only two days of listening and just want to say how much I’m enjoying your personal take on these legends of Rome. Whilst I’m fairly familiar with most of the stories and personalities, it’s always illuminating to hear someone else’s perspective, especially when you (and Mr Duncan) will have done a lot more in-depth research than I ever have.
    Well done Sir and we will give you a plug in the introduction to our next show (due out this Sunday 25th March 2018 – we go out fortnightly) which covers The Founder, about the growth of McDonald’s food empire.
    Thank you for your great work. Martin D

  3. Dear Martin, I must say I went through your message twice before attempting to hit REPLY, and — wow, what can I say? I am truly thankful for your words, and the helping hand you are going to give me here! Wow again! Thank you again, and greetings from Beijing where I live since 2010.

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