The Tale of Rome is a hand-crafted podcast. No commercial company involved, and no team of people working on it.

It’s just me, and the support of a handful of people who never stop cheering me on and wishing me the best. I intend to make this podcast as big, as good, and as wide as it can get. I will be adding self-made graphics, PowerPoint presentations of events and battles, Excel sheets of lists of names, collections of Roman jokes, and of course plenty of maps.

Check this out:

This is a PowerPoint presentation of the monarchy of Rome, from Romulus (actually, it starts with Aeneas), all the way to the two first consuls, Colatinus and Brutus. Clickable links, podcast episode covers inserted in a corner to let you know which episode talks about it, and notes of events in other parts of the world as they happened.

And here’s a deal.

I’ll email this PowerPoint presentation to anyone who signs up to the newsletter on this site, or leaves a nice, instructive comment on any of the pages or posts that are available for that purpose.

Just leave your name and email address, and you’ll have your PowerPoint presentation in less than a day.

The Tale of RomeThe Tale of Rome Links

Please visit these two sites in the meantime:

El Cuento de Roma (Spanish version of this podcast, airing since April 2017)

话说罗马  (Chinese version of this podcast, launching in August or September 2017)

Also, make sure to visit regularly this page.

The Tale of Rome

Special Thanks

I am dedicating this podcast to my two elves, Fiona and Arwen. Fiona is preparing to launch the Chinese version of this same podcast, and Arwen is soon to be five.

I also want to thank my mom and my brother Danny, in good ole’ Europe, for all the spiritual support.

And many, many thanks to my many, many good friends in Argentina, Germany, Miami, Croatia, and all over China.

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